Commissioned Art

Customized Art

If you would like to inquire about how you can have a custom piece created, simply fill out the form below and give me some information about what you have in mind. 

Please send me any reference images you have. If you would like me to work from a photo please keep in mind that I can only paint what I see. If  the reference image is grainy or blurry the painting will not turn out as well. If your image is not of a high enough quality, I may ask for another photo.

Once the image has been decided on I take a 50% deposit of the total cost for the work up front. The balance is due once the piece is finished. 

I have two different mediums in which custom art can be created. I can create the object or painting itself or I can create a digital painting. 


Canvas Paintings:
Small Canvases,
18x20 or smaller                                                   $250-$450

Medium Canvases,
20x20 -24x36                                                          $500- $850

Large Canvases,
30x40-36x48                                                           $900-$1200

XL Canvases,
48x48 and larger                                                  $1300 and up

*These are price ranges and can vary depending on content of the painting and canvas availability.  

Let's Talk Art!

Tell me what you have in mind, the medium you would like to use, what size you need, and your timeline for completion.

I will look at it and get back to you!

Message Sent!

Your message has been sent successfully, I hope to respond within 24 hours. You can also contact us through social media, links can be found below!

Commissions and Gifts

This is a small sampling of my past commissioned pieces and personally made gift.